Our 100% Transparency commitment

Patrizio Racco, May 27, 2019

You have seen this a thousand of times…another one comes claiming he gives away a bunch of free stuff. 
And before you realise it’s too good to be true, there it comes the catch.

Well, let me tell you, this is not the case.

Yes, Advantage Media is an agency, and as such, it makes a profit.
And yes, we would love to have you as a client right away without too many efforts.

The truth is, and as an entrepreneur or similar, you know it, it’s not that easy.

So, how do we breakthrough in a hugely competitive industry like ours?
How do we demonstrate we are such honest, genuine and experienced professionals?

Furthermore, what can we offer more than our competitors?
We came up with an idea: just give all you can.

And it’s exactly what we are doing here.

So how do we benefit from this give give? We don’t do this for the sake of glory only. 

We know that inbound marketing is hard. There are so many variables and tools out there that you find yourself overwhelmed as soon as you try.

If, on the one hand, we give you a super friendly dashboard to manage your online marketing for free, on the other, we wait there behind the scene; ready in case you need some help managing one or all your marketing assets.

So, you will see a quote from us only if you ask for it.

At Advantage Media we have done inbound marketing for a long time. We struggled, we cried, we fell and got up again, many times.

We made mistakes, and we learnt. We grew up as people and as professionals.

We know where we are now and what we can achieve.
In the meantime, we keep learning. And we love and respect each other.

We are lucky enough to manage multi-million projects, spacing from Blockchain and cryptocurrencies to Fashion brands and Food suppliers.

We know for sure, we will be successful helping your business too.
Our success is measurable and provable. 

Transparency is what makes us strong.


WARNING: before you request a free dashboard you must understand that it is an investment for us. We have limited spots available and we offer them to you EXCLUSIVELY if you are committed and serious about your business. If you are not, or think you might not be, please do not request. Rather, leave the opportunity to someone else.

For this reason, we reserve the right to cancel your dashboard if circumstances require so.