Whether it is AdWords, Bing, Facebook Ads or any other advertising network, PPC Management is the fastest way to grow your business. However, competition is tough and merciless. Pay per Click drives instant traffic by placing you in top positions. With Ad creation, Optimisation, and PPC management, we can help you get a better ROI out of your Pay per Click campaigns.

How would you like your PPC campaign to look like this...?

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PPC Management for Conversions, not clicks

Start converting from day 1

With Pay-per-Click advertising you reach your buyers in minutes. A good PPC management puts your business in front of ready-to-buy clients almost instantly.

Our laser targeting methods allow us to find patterns in users’ behaviour, so, as soon as we see positive results, it’s easy to scale up.

If you aren’t investing in PPC management, you are living those buyers to your competitors.

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PPC management is 100% Measurable

We Focus on ROI

You won’t know the result of a paid campaign until after you’ve taken the plunge. However, you can perform a pre-launch analysis to give yourself the best shot.

PPC management is straightforward to track and measure. There’s no mystery to your stats; they’re available in few hours.

Why are we different? We monitor and make changes to your campaigns every day, to make sure we squeeze every single $ of your ad spend to the last drop.

Higher Conversion Rate

Relevance means more Sales

Long-tail keywords attract searchers who are late in the buying cycle, thus, ready to buy. However, they may not convert if they can’t find what they were expecting.

Our PPC management strategy always includes landing page design.

We guarantee your PPC Landing Page is relevant to those who click on the ad. How do we do this? By making sure the Landing Page matches the promise within the Ad.

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A/B Test to skyrocket your profits

100% Experimenting

A PPC campaign is not a setup-and-wait job. On the contrary, it requires adjustments every day to continually improve your PPC conversion rate.

We run two types of tests: A/B testing and Multivariate testing, depending on the campaign we manage.

For optimal results, we test one variable of a landing page at the time. For instance, we may want to check if a shorter opt-in form converts more than a longer one. Once we have a winner, we move to the next variable.

What other PPC Agencies won't give you...

Patrizio Racco
Patrizio Racco, September 25, 2018

This is what happens when you sign a contract with a PPC management agency:

  • You get a monthly report
  • You mostly have no idea of what they are doing
  • You have no control
  • You get a bill every month
  • You can’t really say if there’s any ROI out of your ad spend

In most cases, your relation with the agency ends up badly.

At Advantage Media, we have had many clients coming to us with the above experience.

We use a different approach.

We let you take advantage of our PPC reporting platform, without interfering with your work, if you don’t want us to. And no, you don’t have to pay for it.

However, we can enter the game at any time, if you struggle getting results with your PPC campaigns.

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We offer a 100% free Reporting Software that integrates to more than 30 marketing channels, valued at over $1,000/year.
Oh, and you don’t have to be our client to use it.

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