Facebook advertising is powerful. Through a piece of code installed on your website, called Pixel, Facebook learns what people are more likely to become your clients and uses that data to target more people with very similar interests. The more your landing page converts, the more powerful the pixel becomes.

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How would you like your Facebook Ads campaign to look like this...?

Facebook Ads Management

Step 1. Understanding your Business

We bring the technical know-how to the table; however, you give us the initial input.

We will get to know your business and the psychology behind your client’s behaviour, by learning from you. You know your business and your potential clients. You know their age, their income, relationship status, shopping behaviour, degree earned etc.

With Facebook Ads, we can be very specific when it comes to audience targeting.

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Facebook Ads Management

Step 2. Facebook Ads are Visual

Since Facebook ads are entirely visual, you need a great designer to make yours stand out.

Our in-house designers have a passion for designing Facebook Ads.

We have helped our clients to reach their audience, sometimes getting the first conversions in less than 2 hours from the launch, which is only possible with an excellent creative touch that we proud ourselves to provide.

Facebook Ads Management

Step 3. Developing the Campaign

Facebook Ads have almost infinite targeting combinations. It’s our job to determine the optimal to improve your ROI quickly.

Our experience allows us to quickly create hundreds of ads by generating any possible combination of Headline-Text-Graphics to find the best-performing ones.

This technique will drastically take money-wasting out of the game.

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Facebook Ads Management

Step 4. Analysis and Optimisation

The most successful companies that run Facebook campaigns know that constant analysis and optimisation is key to growth.

We take the time we need to analyse your campaigns and extract patterns that are meaningful.

We’ll keep designing new ads to avoid “ad exhaustion” while testing new ideas and narrowing down your audience to get to the core of what matters for your business.

What other Facebook Ads Management agencies won't give you...

Patrizio Racco
Patrizio Racco, November 16, 2018

This is what happens when you sign a contract with a Facebook Ads agency:

  • You get a monthly report of your Facebook Ads campaigns
  • You mostly have no idea of what they are doing
  • You have no control
  • You get a bill every month for their work
  • You get a bill from Facebook
  • You can’t really say if there’s any ROI out of your ad spend

In most cases, your relation with the Facebook Ads agency ends up badly.Ā 

At Advantage Media, we have had many clients coming to us with the above experience.

But we use a different approach…

We let you take advantage of our Facebook Ads reporting platform, without interfering with your work, if you don’t want us to. And no, you don’t have to pay for it.

However, we can enter the game at any time, if you struggle getting results with your Facebook Ad campaigns.

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We offer a 100% free Facebook Ads Management Software that integrates to more than 30 marketing channels, valued at over $1,000/year.

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