The only


you'll ever need

with a man who puts its money where his mouth is.

Pat Racco
Advantage Media

Pat Racco Advantage Media

The only


you'll ever need.

with a man who puts its money where his mouth is.

Pat Racco
Founder of Advantage Media

Pat Racco Advantage Media

You’ve got the will. I’ve got a HOW-TO.

You’ve got the will.
I’ve got a HOW-TO.

Hey, welcome back!

Now that you know more about me (read about Pat if you don’t), it’s time to get cracking. Let’s talk about how you will transform your slow-growing business into a god-speed sales machine.

Let’s add steroids to your marketingI personally used these strategies to generate precisely 6,357 starving-buyers for my clients in the last 12 months.

At the end of our first 30 minutes, you will:

  • know what to do next
  • know how to invest your marketing budget
  • learn some concealed marketing tricks that less than 1% of marketers even know they exist!
  • dismember your competitors
  • be extremely motivated

I am offering you

My core Marketing Strategy

Right here and right now.

What I’m about to reveal you are my real-life battle-bulletproofed tactics. I sharpened my strategies over the years and tested on my business; then I applied them to my clients.

Some of my clients were working with some of my competitors before meeting me. After a month, they had to show a white flag, but I took the next step. 

I left them in a bloodbath screaming for mercy, but I hadn’t any left.

My method works for me so there’s no reason why it should not work for you. The below image is my Google Analytics graph that shows how my website visits skyrocketed right after I made clarity on my marketing strategy.

And the coolest thing about all this is that I did not spend a dime on driving traffic with ADS!

Do you need a Marketing Strategy?

My methods are specifically designed for Brokers, Agents, Marketers and Sales Teams who:

  • struggle to find the right audience
  • don’t use their content wisely
  • need long-term results
  • don’t know how to measure KPIs effectively


In your industry, only 3% of the market is ready to buy. 99.99% of the companies are fighting to put their hands on that 3%.

This leaves 97% of the market completely unexplored.

3%-97% marketing opportunity

Did you know that:

  • 100% of business success comes from some form of marketing?
  • LinkedIn generates more than 80% of B2B leads of the entire social media environment?
  • 84% of buyers start their buying journey from a referral?
  • Less than 6% of your Facebook and Instagram followers will see your content?
  • Most businesses don’t know what a Marketing Funnel, a Landing Page or A/B Test is?
  • 82% of companies don’t know how to measure the outcomes of their marketing strategies?
  • Nurturing leads will make you sell 50% more at a 33% lower cost than non-nurturing them?
marketing science


Your marketing team has NO marketing skills.

No kidding. Marketing is a precise science and your team may not know how to experiment and analyse data.

According to Forbes, the #1 marketing skill in 2019 is ‘learning’.

Marketing lives somewhere between Math and Magic

The marketing strategy I’d like to discuss with you involves very simple math.

Let me give you a quick example:

TRADITIONAL APPROACH: Let’s say you know Facebook Advertising is terrific for driving traffic to a website and decide to talk to some Facebook Ads expert. This guy asks you: ‘What’s your advertising budget?’ ‘X dollars per month’ you reply, right? Wrong answer. This approach makes marketing agencies a s*t load of [your] money.

MY APPROACH: Your answer should sound like: ‘Given that a lifetime-value of a client is X and I want a min. profit of X – Y, then Y is the max. I can invest to get a single client through Facebook Ads. Can you get me a client with Y as a max. cap?’ 

Now we’re talking.

The traditional approach is all agency-oriented. My approach is client oriented.

"Working with Pat is always an absolute pleasure! He is innovative, experienced and incredibly knowledgeable. His diverse skill set allow him to approach your objectives from a variety of creative approaches. I could not recommend him enough!!"
cristina sword
Cristina Sword
Founder Arrow Agency - Brisbane


Get a REAL kick-ass marketing strategy.

I’d like to discuss with you not only your next winning marketing strategy but also how not to make the same mistakes again.

Remember: I am not going to charge you for a consultation.

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Why You Should Consider this...SERIOUSLY!

Get a Marketing Strategy (you have nothing to lose)

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