A traditional web design, with the classic “Contact us” section doesn’t work anymore. Today, it must be a platform for relationships, positioning and sales. A traditional site doesn’t bring you clients and never will. Traditional Web Design is formerly dead. People don’t visit your website to see how good you are, but to find solutions to their problems. They need to know if you can help them. Our goal is to design a Responsive Website that can do that.

Result-driven Web Design

Step 1. Creating a Marketing Funnel

Every business has content that can help potential prospects to answer their questions. A good quality content lay the foundation for good relationships. This fact is the principle of Inbound Marketing, and it all starts with a Result-Driven Web Design.

Every single element on the website is an entering point to the funnel, and nothing is left to chance. We don’t let our taste drive the design.

Instead, we keep changing the layout based on insights we receive from visitors. That’s why our web design is dynamic; it never stays the same, until we find what converts.

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Result-driven Web Design

Step 2. Enter the Buyer's Journey earlier

Who buys a product or service has already decided what to buy before knocking on your door. This means that your prospects have already done a lot of research.

The most successful businesses are present early in the buyer’s journey. Their website attracts buyers and can turn them into loyal clients.

By designing a marketing funnel that covers the entire buyer’s journey, we can create a site that will explode your sales, 24/7, even while you sleep.

Result-driven Web Design

Step 3. Launching a Pad Site

In traditional web design you spend months developing your website. We rather launch a quick Pad Site that performs better than your current one. Given that it is not a final product, it is usually ready in 1-2 weeks.

Your launch Pad Site is the pilot that drives all the next steps in the web design and development process. This pilot site collects data from users and tells us about high-impact improvements to grow your business.

This data-driven approach allows you to spread the investment over time, launch quickly and make smarter decisions by learning-improving-testing-repeating.

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Result-driven Web Design

Step 4. Integrate with Marketing and Sales

A result-driven web design implies that website, sales and marketing are one.

Your new website will collect data that Marketing and Sale Team use to improve their strategies, while their feedbacks help improve the website.

You will potentially start collecting leads on autopilot by 8x and at least triple your monthly visits. Your old website will be transformed into a lean selling machine, able to generate leads, push them into the funnel until they become happy clients.

What other Web Design agencies don't tell you...

Patrizio Racco
Patrizio Racco, November 16, 2018

Regardless of how talented your web designer is, traditional web design is dead.

I started designing and developing websites many years ago and, although I always made all my clients happy, I knew something was wrong with the traditional approach.

I had many of them coming back to me asking: “We launched our new, amazing site…now what?”

What usually happens is…
– you spend a lot of money, probably over $10K
– however, you are very satisfied with your brand new website
– you can’t wait to launch
– you expect your sales to skyrocket…

But this is how it actually goes…
– none visits your site
– you don’t get a single enquiry from the contact form
– you get frustrated

I’ve learnt that traditional web design is dangerous.
When I moved to a Result-Driven Web Design approach, the music changed.

At advantage Media we found the formula to grow your business with a minimal investment of time and money…as it should always be.

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