Landing page A/B testing allows you to sell more keeping your ad spend the same. Let’s say you invest $500/month in Google AdWords to drive traffic to a landing page. That landing page generates 10 clients every month. Each client makes you $100 in profit, for a total of $1,000/month. Now, imagine you could split the traffic in half: 50% goes to the same landing page A, while the other 50% lands on a variation of the page, the landing page B. You find out that the landing page B generates 15 clients per month. This means +$500/month from the exact same ad spend.

Landing page A/B testing

Step 1. Identifying your Goal

Whether you want to collect emails, get people to download your ebook, call you or anything else; focus on one goal at the time.

It makes a tremendous difference in Conversions when you have one, clear, Call-to-Action on a landing page, rather than multiple.

We will sit down and discuss with you about this crucial first step.

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Landing page A/B testing

Step 2. Choosing a Variable to test

There are many variables that can be tested. However, we start by picking one.

By isolating one “independent variable”, we can check its performance. We know that little changes can make a big difference, so we will test them carefully.

A variable could be amount of Body Text, Headline copy, CTA position, number of Form Fields etc.

Landing page A/B testing

Step 3. Designing the Landing Pages

Landing page A/B testing consists of a “Control” and a “Challenger” page​. When we design a control page (landing page A), we start by evaluating the existing data.

Once we have designed a draft, we’ll begin to collect qualitative data, by running UX tests, surveys etc. If you have Google Analytics installed, we start from there.

The next step involves creating a challenger (or landing page B) to test against A. After some time we’ll have enough insight to start making hypothesis.

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Landing page A/B testing

Step 4. Running the Test

We run a test for a minimum of 7 days or until we have at least a 95% chance that the “challenger” beats the “control” page.

We run our tests using sophisticated softwares, like Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer.

Besides, we add Heatmaps and Clickmaps to the mix, to gain an extra insight of how visitors interact with the landing pages.

Landing page A/B testing

Step 5. Measuring Results

It’s time to analyse if the results collected are statistically significant to justify a change.

If they are, great! If they’re not, we just learned that the variable doesn’t affect the results. In any case, we learn.

By conducting a new landing page A/B test on a different feature, we guarantee a constant improvement regarding ROI.

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What other Landing Page A/B Testing agencies don't tell you...

Patrizio Racco
Patrizio Racco, November 16, 2018

A/B testing goes far beyond web design.

One thing is designing landing pages for a/b testing; another is doing it with a strategy.
When you go out there in search of an agency to take over your marketing campaign, make sure they have analytical skills.

Data is the core of a/b testing.

Unfortunately, most of the agencies, especially the low-cost ones, use pre-packed templates; regardless of whether they fit your business needs or not.

I’ve been receiving phone calls every day from people trying to sell me this service. I tried, and I regretted. I’ll never outsource a/b testing ever again.
I learned that, in most cases, if it’s low cost, it’s done hurriedly and superficially.

Running an A/B test is smart.

In a nutshell, instead of investing your hard-earned money to drive traffic to one landing page, you split the traffic into equal parts. Half traffic goes to Landing Page A and the other half to Landing Page B, which is slightly different from A.
Let’s say A converts more than B. You can keep testing by removing B and creating a Landing Page C to test against A. And so on.

As a logic consequence; your ROI will keep raising.

By doing this, you make sure you are investing your marketing budget in the best possible way.

Landing page A/B testing can change your business forever.

If you just “wanna try”, you’ll get burnt, so you better don’t do it and save your money.

On the other hand, if you understood the power of A/B testing, with the right people, you know you can’t fail.

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Use it to monitor your landing page a/b testing progress.

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