Our social mention monitor crawls over 13 billion web pages every day in search of conversations that matter to your business. As soon as they spark out online, anywhere on the internet, we want you to be the first to know and join them.

What if you could join every single social conversation about your hot keywords, in real time?

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Social mention management

24/7 Social and Web Monitoring

There are conversations that you can’t miss out. People ask for products and services like yours all the time online.

We can monitor all the topics and keywords that can impact your business and let you join those conversations before anyone else does.

Our Social Mention management software will help you build Brand Awareness by being present where it counts the most.

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Social Media Scheduling brisbane agency

Social mention management

Monitoring your Competitors

Our social mention monitor can track your competitors’ campaigns across all social channels, and see their results.

By monitoring your competitors, we will find out for you what they posted, where, when and how successful they were.

Then, introduce your business to those who were most engaged.

Social mention management

Improve Customer Service

Answering questions about your business are crucial to your success, especially on social media, where they’re in the public domain.

A social mention tool let you be there. Be more Social. Follow up on comments, build closer and meaningful relationships. Show your clients you really care about them.

People spend up to 40% more when they feel engaged with a company.

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Social mention management

Sell more through Mention Monitoring

Monitoring social mentions leave no stone unturned.

About 85% of buyers ask online before making a purchase. If you are not there to answer their questions, you leave the door open to your competitors.

With our intel, you can take advantage of the real-time signals from the web and promptly position your product in front of clients, right when they ask.

Social mention management

Influencer Marketing

People trust people, especially when they have proven their authority. With social mention monitoring, you can reach out to the most influential in your niche.

Reaching out to influencers is currently one of the smartest way to invest in marketing nowadays.

We can easily find out for you who are influencing people to buy products similar to yours. By connecting with them, you’ll be able to develop a network like never before.

social posts social media management brisbane

Why choose Advantage Media for Social Mention Monitoring?

Patrizio Racco
Patrizio Racco, November 16, 2018

Search engines like Google become more and more sophisticated every day.

In fact, according to Google’s latest news, search engines are able to find all the social buzzing around your business like web mentions, reviews, social media shares etc. and use it as a ranking factor.

In other words, the more buzz and fuzz there is around your business, the better Google will rank your website organically.

However, social mention monitoring is not just good for ranking.
Knowing in real-time where people are talking about topics that are relevant to your business gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors.

For instance, let’s say we are a social mention monitoring agency, and we would like to join every social conversation about “social mention monitoring” happening in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast right now.

How the heck could we stay on top of every social mention?
Well, we certainly don’t do it the hard way.

Our intel sends us signals regarding the keyword “social mention monitoring” in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, as soon as they pop up, so we can be there and be part of the conversation right in time.

And we will do the same for your business, whatever is your niche.

Let’s say you’re an “Injury Lawyer” in Brisbane.
I guarantee you someone is asking right now something like: “hi guys; I had an accident recently, do you know any reliable injury lawyer around Brisbane?”.

How good would it be if you could catch all these opportunities rather than missing the boat?


We offer a 100% free Social Media Reporting Software that integrates to more than 30 marketing channels, valued at over $1,000/year. Use it to measure the progress of your social media engagement.

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