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SEO Management involves a long-term strategy that will flood your website with free traffic.

Unlike paid ads, with SEO, your traffic won’t drop if you stop it.

Part of a good SEO Management is Link Building. Adding your link to authorities’ websites in your niche, will grow your Brand Credibility. Consequently, Google will trust you and put your site on Page One.

Furthermore, visitors from organic searches have twice as more chances to convert than ads.

Let us show you how to beat competitors in Google Searches

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Pat Racco

Pat Racco

Founder of Advantage Media

Hello, hello, hellooo 👋 

My name is Pat, welcome to my SEO MANAGEMENT landing page.

There’s only one reason you’re here: I managed to show up on Google’s page one, position one.

As I like to put my money where my mouth is, let me give you a quick proof:

seo management google ranking

Screenshot from Agency Analytics

Look, I won’t lie to you, it took me a year to achieve this. But today I don’t have to spend money to get organic traffic from Google.

And, if I keep doing the proper amount of due diligence, things won’t change for a long time.

SEO is like fitness; you have to define goals and have a plan of action and then stick with it. Results will inevitably come, 100% guarantee.

There is only one shortcut when it comes to SEO: NO SHORTCUTS.


To put it simply, you need to focus on 2 macro areas:

  1. Content

Consider this: Google is nothing more than a company (yes a massive one). As a business, Big G has “customers” aka users, people who “google stuff”. If Google provides users with lousy content, they will go to Bing. If they go to Bing, Google will make less money from showing Ads. As a result, Google must provide users with the best possible content.

Now, Google is not able to understand what your website is about unless you tell clearly.

The truth is that nobody can manage SEO better than yourself for your business. What I mean is that you and your team are the most adequate people able to tell Google what you’re offering. An SEO specialist can optimise that content for search engines. And it’s exactly what we can help with.

  1. Backlinks

In 2019, backlinks are still among the most important factors for ranking well in Google. Honestly, I really believe backlinks will always be important.

See them this way: imagine you need a plumber to fix a pipe in your home. What would be the most obvious thing to do? I’d ask people I know if they have a good plumber in mind to recommend. Wouldn’t you do the same? You have to ask because you can’t really know if every single plumber you find is a good one.

Now, Google works the exact same way: by recommendations. A backlink is basically a signal of trust from another website. A recommendation, indeed.

That’s why you want other websites to talk about your business as much as possible and add links that point to your website.

However, just having random backlinks won’t work.

Back to the example of the plumber, imagine your mom gives you the name of a plumber, and a guy you used to know in primary school (and you haven’t seen for 20 years) recommends another one. Who will you trust more, your mum or the guy? I’d say, mum, right?

Again, Google operates on an incredibly complicated simplicity. The search engine thinks as you would. Google would choose mum too. Translated into backlinks, Google will trust your website more if you have links from well-trusted sites. The more trusted the websites, the more powerful every link will be (and the better your website will rank, without any doubt).

The beauty of this game is that you don’t need many backlinks to build authority. You only need a few, but make sure they’re from great sources!

We can help to build high-quality links; just like we are constantly doing for and our clients.

The following image shows some referring domains (backlinks) for Advantage Media. Look how high the Trust Flow and Citation Flow are in Google’s eyes. We also have a link from itself and one from, plus a couple of links from Government websites (.gov and too!

backlinks referring domains to

Screenshot from Agency Analytics

Building the above backlink profile is helping enormously our ranking in Google.

Below, you’ll find how we can help you become an authority in your industry.

How we execute SEO best practices

SEO Management

Step 1. SEO Audit

If your website doesn’t have a good ranking, it could be because has technical errors. We must first fix your site and prepare it for Success​.

Auditing your current SEO takes a few seconds, and you can even do it yourself. However, fixing the issues could be laborious and time-consuming. We guarantee you a technically perfect website Google will love and push straight to page 1.

Following the latest updates from Google being released recently, we give priority to mobile SEO.

SEO Management

Step 2. Mobile-First Index

Google has recently announced that they have started to use the mobile version of the web as their primary index.

This fact has a significant impact because the optimised mobile websites have now the priority in ranking. A successful SEO management puts mobile to the top of the to-do list.

On the other hand, if your SEO is not mobile-first, you will be inevitably penalised.

SEO Management

Step 3. Know where you stand

We find what keywords you are ranking for at present. Then we’ll track all your relevant keywords and get the most up-to-date data with our daily-updated Rank Tracker.

Targeting long tail keywords will allow you to be very specific when targeting your audience. This method will drive less traffic but with a higher buying intention. In a nutshell, your campaign will cost less and convert more.

By focusing on longer keywords your SEO Management campaign performs better, as you have a greater chance of ranking well, and also attracting more qualified traffic.

SEO Management

Step 4. Removing Toxic Links

Backlinks are among the top ranking factors. The more high-quality external links point to your website, the higher you will rank in Google searches.

On the other hand, links pointing to your site from low authority sources have a catastrophic impact on your ranking. Consider that anyone in the world can link a website to yours.

We will find and remove all the toxic links that are holding back your site from being rewarded by Google.

SEO Management

Step 5. Stop the Guesswork

There’s nothing more expensive than guesswork. Your competitors are your best friends, when it comes to SEO Management.

Our data sources allow us to spy on your competitors and breakdown to bits their strategy.

We find your strongest competitors, see what they do to be on page 1, than we simply do better than them.

SEO Management

Step 6. Executing SEO

Through link building and content marketing, we start constructing your Authority online.

After some time, your website will be so strong in Google that will be flooded with free quality traffic.

By taking advantage of a time-forged SEO Management strategy, we’ll skyrocket your traffic by creating impeccable content and building links on Google’s highly-trusted websites.


Want to know more about SEO?

(July spots available: 2)

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What other SEO Management
agencies won't tell you...

Pat Racco advantage media founder

Pat Racco
founder of Advantage Media

July 19, 2024

When you sign a contract with an SEO Management agency in Brisbane, this is what you usually get:

  • an SEO audit that you don’t understand
  • a monthly report that doesn’t mean anything to you
  • they don’t tell you what they’re doing
  • you start feeling worried because you have no control
  • you get a bill every month
  • you can’t say if there’s any ROI out of your SEO investment
  • In most cases, you give up on SEO.

At Advantage Media, when a new client calls us, it’s quite common to hear the above story.

Maybe you had a bad experience too with an SEO, and you now feel sceptical.

But, before I get to the point, let me ask you something…

Do you want to still be in business in the next five years?

The Internet is a jungle. And can only get worse. Period.

It is for your business, as much as it is for mine.

Believe it or not, the truth is that there’s still plenty of opportunities online. In 2019, only a few businesses are investing in SEO management in Australia.

However, shortly, all those who survive, will fight to each other for ranking organically, as paid advertising will become too expensive.

I want you to be among those who survive. That’s why I want to give you what my competitors don’t.

I let you take advantage of our SEO reporting platform, totally free of any charge. And without interfering with your work, if you don’t want us to.

However, we can enter the game at any time, if you struggle to deal with all that SEO, Keyword and Competition stuff.

(July spots available: 2)

🔥 Tell me about your GOALS 👇👇👇


We offer a 100% free SEO Management Reporting Software that integrates to more than 30 marketing channels, valued at over $1,000/year.