A Landing Page runs your business on your behalf. A landing page is where a visitor lands after clicking your Ad or any other inbound link out there. The primary goal of a landing page is to warm up a cold audience, therefore, not selling straight away. In other words, a landing page is the first step in the buyer’s journey. We have proven that a good landing page design could lift conversions to +1,250%.

Landing page design

Step 1. Understanding Pain Points

Offer solutions, not products. There’s nothing worse than someone trying to sell you something when you’re not ready to buy yet.

On the other hand, how sweet would it be if every visitor could find a solution to their “pain” by visiting your landing page?

We’ll find out what is keeping your audience up all night and tailor a landing page design that is relevant, optimised and loads fast, towards a great user experience.

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Landing page design

Step 2. Keep it Simple

Whether it’s an opt-in form, a phone call or any other Call to Action, every landing page design we do has one and one only objective: to get visitors to take a specific action.

We concentrate on keeping the message simple. Anything that’s generic won’t be on the landing page.

On the other hand, we’ll design your landing page around one specific solution to one particular problem. This type of landing page will show you as a respected professional.

Landing page design

Step 3. Creating valuable Content​

All our strategies rotate around giving away free stuff. Your landing page is an exchange site, where a visitor gets something in exchange for his contact details.

Just asking without giving anything back wouldn’t be nice. It’s our job to make sure the landing page design includes valuable content your target audience can benefit as part of your offer.

This strategy contributes straight away to build your brand awareness and loyalty.

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Landing page design

Step 4. Landing Page Relevance

A landing page design typically aims to convert traffic coming from Ads. When a searcher clicks on your ad, expects to see a page that is relevant to the search query.

We create highly-converting landing pages by focusing on relevance. In other words, we reflect the Ad on the landing page so that we guarantee the best user experience.

When we design a landing page, we keep an eye on the big picture: what the ad will be? In fact, ads and landing pages are usually created simultaneously.

Landing page design

Step 5. Creating Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words. The human brain elaborates visuals 60K times faster than text. In fact, 80% of people remember images and videos while 20% remember what they read.

Pictures and videos trigger emotional connection, that’s why our landing pages focus on visuals more than anything else. Most importantly, we are not big fans of stock photos.

We would instead prefer using screenshots of real usage of your service or actual images of your team to reflect the authenticity of your business on the landing page design.

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What other Web Design agencies don't tell you...

Patrizio Racco
Patrizio Racco, November 16, 2018

Regardless of how talented your web designer is, designing a website is different from creating landing pages.

A website, in fact, is a compound of landing pages, where every page should have one and only one purpose. The instant you add two or more different call to action on a landing page, you are doing it wrong. As a consequence, you start losing opportunities and money.

When you outsource your landing page design, this is how it often goes…

  • the designer follows merely his or her taste
  • you spend a lot of money on a landing page that doesn’t convert
  • you don’t get a single enquiry from the contact form
  • you get frustrated
  • you need another designer or agency to take over

Instead, you should make sure that the designer…

  • makes it visual
  • makes at least two versions of the same page
  • design it relevant to the Ads used to drive traffic
  • understands trends and insights from Google Analytics
  • knows the psychology of your target audience
  • creates a sales funnel
  • knows about email automation

I’ve learnt that traditional web design is dangerous.
When I moved to a Result-Driven Landing Page design approach, the music changed.

At Advantage Media, we have the expertise to grow your business with a minimal investment of time and money…as it should always be.

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