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Marketing is a precise science. There are no secrets behind successful businesses. Success is a combination of having a perfect product and knowing how to analyse data.

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Pat Racco

Pat Racco

👉 Founder of Advantage Media Marketing Consulting

You don’t need marketing consulting when you talk to potential clients face-to-face. You know you’re great converting clients.

But getting them to sit down with you is tough.

You tried cold calls, cold emails, you may have thought you should buy a whole lot of email addresses.

Or maybe you bought 50k emails, and when you finished cleaning that up, you started sending cold emails to the remaining 5k and got no sales.

It’s a common story I hear at least once a week.

Look, I’ll be honest, what you’re trying to achieve is easier than you think. You just need discipline…

Marketing is Science. Science is made by Hypothesis validated through Experiments.

Let me say this again:

  1. Marketing is a Science
  2. Science is made by Hypothesis
  3. Hypothesis are validated through Experiments

How many outcomes can an experiment have? Only 2: Success or Fail.

Success validates a Hypothesis, Fail rejects it. 

When you run Experiments, your Marketing becomes Science.

That’s Growth Marketing. That’s how we do marketing consulting.

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Marketing Consulting, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Growth Hacking for Smart Companies

We combine technology, method, training and the best digital marketing strategies and sales, to ensure startups and companies of any size, sustainable growth and maximise their brand awareness, leads and profits.

Our approach to B2B and B2C marketing and sales is unique...

A good marketing consultant can do a lot for your business

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Solutions tailored to grow your business

Inbound Marketing

Understanding your client, designing interactive, effective content, attracting and converting the right people.

Digital Strategy

We analyse and implement national and international digital strategies with a high return on investment.

Growth-Driven Design

Here’s how we guarantee success, developing your new website and applying continuous improvement.

Growth Hacking

It’s the quick process of experimentation to identify the most effective tactics to grow your business or startup.

Marketing Automation

From social media to email marketing, marketing automation offers the most important opportunities you can get today.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increase the number of users, leads and prospects that make any conversion to your website.

Need a guide to explode sales?

Learn about the new marketing era.

Turn your website into a “traffic machine” and optimise it for the future of marketing.

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Growth Hacking guide

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Are you looking for marketing activities that can generate results in terms of recognition, contacts and sales?
Get acknowledged about the topic and do not hesitate to contact us.

We help your company grow and achieve new results with a holistic and integrated approach.

Your website, your communication and marketing channels are probably making you lose money.

Advantage Media Marketing Consulting, thanks to a completely data-driven strategy and its user-focused design, can help you stop losses and, above all, increase your profits.

Are you looking for professional marketing consultant that can help your company increase leads, customers and turnover?

You can book a free consultation to analyse all the opportunities that your company can seize already?

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We optimise the acquisition process of your customers and improve their loyalty. We are a group of professional marketers that focus exclusively on optimising the conversion rate, based on quantitative and qualitative data. 

Vision, strategy, design, technology and content, are the elements that drive the performance of a company, this means digging deep, not working randomly.


We are selective with whom we work with, as we can not work with everyone. But to our clients we offer various types of coaching, up to a complete outsourcing of digital marketing. However, our customers must be curious, patient and open to new ideas. Success comes from incremental and constant improvements and there are no magic formulas that work for everyone. Hard work is needed to truly improve a company’s performance.

Green Marketing

It’s time to create a new and vibrant sustainable economy for the future, the bridge to a better world. What does green marketing mean? Environmental, social, economical and personal wellbeing are strictly interconnected. 

This is why we support companies all over the world to create meaningful and compelling narratives, through effective strategies that can drive essential changes in consumer behaviour.


We know that this sector is not easy, so first and foremost do not worry, we’re here to help you and if you’re trying to figure out a bit more before investing in marketing consulting, you’re in the right place. 

Our training activities and our workshops aim to make you explore possibilities, identify the weak points and the strengths of your organisation and above all identify new market opportunities.

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The answer is just one…

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