…what if I could get you up to 20 Hot Leads every month?


latest update Sat December 15, 2018

What am I Offering You?

Welcome fellow lead hunter! My name is Patrizio Racco and I specialise in LinkedIn Lead Generation for B2B, like your business.

I’ll go straight to the point. I am proposing you to partner with me and implement into your business the strategy I am about to show you. That’s the exact same strategy I have used to drive you here from LinkedIn.

Whether you start this journey with me or decide to try it yourself (it would be 100% free in this case), I guarantee you it works! So please, keep reading…

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I am giving you my

Right here and right now.

This Strategy works for me so there’s no reason why it should not work for you. The below image is my Google Analytics graph that shows how my website visits skyrocketed right after I started using this strategy. By the way, it’s nothing fancy, complicated or secret. It’s just a very good practise.

And the coolest thing about all this is that I did not spend a dime on ADS!

Google analytics after LinkedIn strategy

Is this Strategy for You?

The Strategy that I am going to show you is specifically designed for Agencies, Marketers and Sales Teams who want to:

  • Drive more Traffic to a Website
  • Generate more Leads
  • Convert Leads into Buyers
  • Have control on their Marketing Budget

The days of cold calling are long gone. In today’s market, a measure of success is when ready-to-buy customers call you, rather than you chasing them out.

71% of marketers confirmed that the #1 CHALLENGE for 2018 is GENERATING LEADS followed by NURTURING and PROGRESSING LEADS and OPTIMISING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

marketing challenges 2018

Furthermore, did you know that:

  • more than 80% of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn?
  • more than 90% of managers say they no longer respond to cold, unexpected, unsolicited phone calls?
  • only 2 to 6% of your Facebook fans will actually see your brand’s organic content? 
  • 30% of all internet users will use Ad Blockers by 2018, resulting in over $40 billion cost for advertisers?
  • most business don’t use, or worse, don’t even know what a Marketing Funnel, a Landing Page or A/B Test is?
  • 82% of businesses don’t know how effective their marketing campaigns are over the past 4 years?
  • only 22% of B2B businesses reach out to prospects with lead nurturing on a weekly basis?
  • businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales at a cost 33% less than non-nurtured prospects?

B2B Businesses NEED Lead Generation Partners

(…Who Actually Know What They Are Doing)

On average, you spend 18% of your time generating and researching Leads. In the remaining 88%, your potential leads are still out there, looking for solutions to their problems that you are not solving. You should and you can generate Leads while sleeping.

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automate linkedin prospecting

How to find High-Quality Prospects

(…Drive them to your Website and Convert into Buyers)?

Advertising is not the answer anymore. People are starting to become more and more aware of advertising. According to HubSpot, 91% of people say that ads are more intrusive than two years ago. Furthermore, ads are becoming ridiculously expensive. So STOP using PPC!

LinkedIn Managed Lead Generation​

The only difference between LinkedIn and any other Lead Generation tools such as Facebook and Google AdWords that you need to know is that, with LinkedIn, you shorten the Sales Cycle by reaching Decision Makers right away.

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Why You Should Consider this...Seriously

  • Connect WITH up to 5,000 DECISION MAKERS PER MONTH
  • LinkedIn Leads Converts 277% More than other Social Media
  • Generate 5-20 Highly-Qualified Leads Every Month
  • Requires Little to NO Work on your end
  • 1/10 of traditional marketing cost
  • No Money spent on advertising

How it Works

I design for you a Landing Page + a Variation for A/B Testing

Expand your LinkedIn networks to up to 5,000 decision makers per month, in your industry and location of your choice

Right after they accept to connect we send a welcome message to all your new connections

After 24h we send a relevant piece of content (blog post, infographic, video etc..) to establish and enforce your authority

After 48h we invite them to visit your Landing Page

As soon as the traffic starts flowing we A/B Test your Landing Pages to find the most converting

After 30 days we design a new Landing page to test against the most converting to improve your Conversion Rate further

Keep designing 1 Landing Page a month to maximise your ROI while we keep connecting with 5,000 people a month

Regularly nurturing all your Prospects with your new content

By installing the Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager and LinkedIn Tag you can Retarget the most engaged Visitors

"Working with Pat is always an absolute pleasure! He is innovative, experienced and incredibly knowledgeable. His diverse skill set allow him to approach your objectives from a variety of creative approaches. I could not recommend him enough!!"
cristina sword
Cristina Sword
Founder Arrow Agency

How Much does all this Cost?

Fully managed
LinkedIn Lead Generation

$ 1,997
  • Fully Managed Lead Generation Partnership
  • No LOCK-IN contract, cancel anytime you wish
  • Up to 5,000 LinkedIn new connections each Month
  • 1 New Landing Page per Month
  • A/B Testing to Maximise Conversion Rate
  • Integration with Facebook Pixel, Tag Manager and LinkedIn Tag for Retargeting
  • Integration with your favourite CRM
  • Drive traffic from all your web pages by adding strategic CTA
  • 1 hr/day 5 days/week = 20 hrs/month dedicated to Your Business
  • Brisbane based
  • 100% LOCAL. No overseas outsourcing of any sort
  • Available 7/7

Ask Now To Get Your First Week FREE


Sure. I prefer not showing my messages publicly so please, contact me and I’ll show you some conversations I am having with some of my contacts.

Here’s an example of a typical reply I get:

LinkedIn lead generation message

Essentially, I would need 3 things from you:

1: to subscribe to a LinkedIn Premium account

A Premium account is not strictly necessary. However, it would speed up things quite a lot as LinkedIn applies limitations to free accounts.

2: to create good content

You can use any type of content you like. You can make videos, blog posts, infographic etc. As long as it is relevant for your target audience.

I need content from you because once we have a warm list of leads, we want to keep nurturing them. This is necessary as not all the leads that we will collect will convert into buyers straight away. Nurturing them over time will make sure we optimise our chances to convert.

3: have an offer for people who visit your landing page

Sending people to your landing page or website is not going to benefit you in any way unless you offer them something in exchange to their contact information. Make sure you have some good stuff to give away for free!

I use technology. I automate all those operations that would require hours and hours like sending customised messages that include the Receiver Name, The Company where he or she works etc. Doing this one by one is just not realistic.

As long as you operate in a B2B environment it will work.

Please use the button on this page to start chatting with me and I’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions.