Grab your Facebook Ads Audit and check where you can improve now!

Are your Facebook Ads performing as expected?

I guarantee you instant benefits. Just try and see, it’s 100% FREE.

funneldash Facebook ads audit free

Grab your Facebook Ads Audit and check where you can improve now!

Are your Facebook Ads performing as expected?

I guarantee you instant benefits. Just try and see, it’s 100% FREE.

Facebook Ad Audit specialist certified
funneldash Facebook ads audit free
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Facebook algorithm updated on November 17, 2018

Why you should run a Facebook Ads check now...

I’m absolutely sure you have thought Facebook Ads aren’t good for you. You’re wrong.

Whether you have an eCommerce or a B2B business, if you run Facebook Ads there’s ALWAYS something you can do to improve instantly.

Facebook Ad Audit specialist certified

Basically, Facebook Advertising is designed to attract 2 types of people:

  1. Those who throw money to the wind
  2. Those who use it as a Cash Cow

Who am I to make such a statement?

Hi friend!

My name is Pat, and I’ll be guiding you towards a better Facebook Ads campaign.

Over the past 5 years, I have been managing Facebook Ads campaigns for multi-million dollar companies, startups and eCommerce in Australia.

I’ve seen any type of business and met all sort of people but all, and I repeat all, of them, have found themselves into one of these 2 scenarios:

  1. They felt sceptical about buying Facebook Ads
  2. They were not satisfied with their Facebook campaign results

Which one do you fall into?

I was sceptical myself and struggled to get results through Facebook advertising. However, after practising and practising I managed to master it.

That’s how I brought some of my clients from NO-SALES to almost $1M in less than 12 months (for privacy and respect, I am not going to mention these clients).

As of today, Facebook Ads is to drive sales

Nobody can compete with Facebook. And I'm not a fan.

Why I'm the right person to check your Facebook Ads

  • I'm a Marketer
  • but also a Developer
  • and a Facebook Ad audit specialist
  • I can show you benefits instantly (no need to pay a dime)
  • from $0 to $Ms, my case studies speak for me
  • I never outsource my work, especially to overseas companies
Patrizio Racco finger

How I work

I'll send you a request to access your Facebook Ads campaign as "read-only". In other words, I can only see your results and statistics. I can't access your sensitive data such as Credit Card etc. I can't make changes to your campaigns.

Once you accept, you'll be able to revoke the permission at any time through a link I'll provide you before accepting my request.

I'll check the status of your current Facebook Ads campaign and generate a clear and easy-to-understand report, explaining what you should do for immediate improvements.

You decide whether I'm the right person to help you get even better results with your Facebook Ads or not.

We shake hands.

Connect with me in 4 steps

To check your current and past Facebook Ads campaign I need you to grant me access.
I made it extremely easy for you.

👉First thing first, open Messenger by clicking this button (desktop or mobile):

👉Then follow these 4 steps (desktop or mobile):

1. Login to your messenger

open facebook messenger

2. Answer a few questions

3. Add Facebook account


4. Done


I’d say no.

Sometimes Facebook campaigns are simple to report, and sometimes they’re quite messed up. Depending on the situation of yours, I’ll decide whether send you a PDF or a link to a short video of me going through your campaigns.

No, never. If you received my Facebook Ads report and you haven’t seen anything good, why would I bother you again?

No more and no less than what I deserve. I know the value I bring to your company, and after I check your Facebook Ads and you see the report you’ll have your opinion. I usually charge based on the level of commitment you require from me. I’m open to discussion and happy to evaluate any sort of agreement you have in mind.

This is a rhetorical question but still deserves an answer. No, you really have nothing to lose. To be honest, you can only benefit from me.

It realistically depends on the workload at the time of your request. I usually send within 24h.

Ready to start?

100% FREE. No commitment ever.