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Pat Racco
Pat Racco

Founder of Advantage Media

Dear Visitor,

It’s July 24, 2024, and for us, it’s the most important day of the year because you have just knocked on our door.

You have made your first step towards the success of your business online.

With $M of extra sales  generated for our clients since 2014, Advantage Media is a Digital Inbound Marketing Agency that has transformed businesses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in diverse industries.

But, before I show you how you can double or even triple your sales, please keep in mind that…

At Advantage Media we don’t just sell you our services.

Instead, we work with you towards your success, because when you succeed, we succeed!

So, if you are not entirely motivated to grow, please close this page, because, I can tell you from now, we’re not interested in working with you.

However, if you are ready to explode your sales…we can make it happen.

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Among the subscribers to Pat’s newsletter and the Advantage Media community, there are entrepreneurs, celebrities and marketing managers of large companies. 

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18.4% of world ad spending is on Facebook. If you want to be in front of your audience while they’re hanging out online, Facebook Ads is the way to go.
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Google AdWords is the most profitable form of online advertising. Read more if you’re serious with your business.
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If multi-channel ad campaigns are what you need, our in-house team of advertising pros can cover all your PPC needs.
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Our SEO services are simply what you need to rank organically in Google searches. No compromise, just the best available set of tools for inbound marketing out there.
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Our Services

Get Conversions

We believe in fast, reliable and scalable websites. Your new website will adapt while you grow.
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A custom landing page design for a specific campaign generates a 15% increase in conversions.
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When driving traffic to your website, you must A/B test your landing page. Your conversion rate will rise, 100% guaranteed.
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In a nutshell, if you don’t do Retargeting, you lose 98% of your first-time visitors forever. Get back who matter.
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Whether is on the web or Social Media, as soon as someone your brand or whatever keyword is relevant to you, you’ll be the first to know.

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On average, a person comes back 7 times before becoming a client. Make sure you remind your leads about you with email automation.

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Audience segmentation is not just good practice. It will convert more high-quality leads into buying clients, aka more sales.
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To make sure your content reaches the right people you must be consistent on every channel every day. Too busy? Schedule it for a whole year!
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Why you should talk to us...SERIOUSLY!

  • I'll analyse your current marketing strategy from all angles
  • I'll show you how to eat your COMPETITION alive!
  • find where you're MISSING OUT on OPPORTUNITIES
  • I'll give you access to some marketing secrets only known by less than 1% of marketers
  • find out where you are WASTING MONEY on Facebook ads (if you run Facebook ads, you're burning money!)
  • full website's health check (valued at over $1,000)
  • complete SEO check-up + BONUS: give you up to 5 keywords you should start using yesterday!
  • requires little to NO WORK on your end
  • no cost for you

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Join the most amazing community in Australia

Among the subscribers to Pat’s newsletter and the Advantage Media community, there are entrepreneurs, celebrities and marketing managers of large companies. 

What reason do you have for not registering when it’s free?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Implementing an inbound marketing strategy is the key to achieving highly measurable results in the digital environment. 

At Advantage Media, we are a certified and dynamic team who can provide you with all the skills necessary to build a performing strategy.

The purchasing behaviour is continuously evolving

Before making a decision, your potential customers want to have more information about a product or service that they are particularly interested in. As a result, they do more and more online research (even through social media) browsing an increasing number of pages and websites but paying less and less attention to details.

Grabbing Attention is Key

Intercepting the interest of users right as they seek information is paramount to entering their purchasing journey and gaining their trust. The key is in the interaction and in the relationship.

A new marketing era.

Are you ready to transform your approach to marketing?

Turn your website into a “traffic machine” and optimise it for the future of marketing. Here’s how »

How you can change and give a boost to your inbound marketing (and sales) activities

What is true inbound marketing?

Creating valuable content, attracting users’ attention, interacting with them, generating relationships and contacts, and then converting them into loyal customers. 

From this synthesis, the universe of inbound marketing opens up.

Is the customer at the centre of your inbound marketing activities?

Inbound marketing is the process that generates interest, involvement and decision towards a specific company, obtained thanks to the creation of relevant content that can produce value for your potential customers.

This is a different method from traditional marketing because it does not interrupt the user during his daily activities but let the same user decide when to interact with the company.

It is a marketing strategy that focuses on the client, his desires, his ambitions, his requests and the opportunities he wants to grasp.

Content as the starting point for any inbound marketing strategy

By creating valuable content that can relevantly help users overcome a problem they are facing, you can generate qualified leads.

Responding to the needs of your target, you can expand the audience and your business opportunities.

You can create different types of content. Blogs, ebooks, infographics, podcasts, videos are all valid tools. The important thing is to spread them through the most suitable channels to reach your target, or rather your buyer persona.

Are you looking for inbound marketing activities that can generate results in terms of recognition, contacts and sales?

Get acknowledged about the topic and do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a unique approach to B2B and B2C marketing...

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Need a little push to your marketing strategy?

We offer a 100% free Reporting Software that integrates to more than 30 marketing channels, valued at over $1,000/year.