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Successful people certainly have some characteristics that not all the people in the world have.

But what is in common between all of us successful or not successful, regardless of our success in life and business?

I believe the common thing is that each one of the people in the world is scared of something. Every one of us has fears.

This morning I was hanging around with my wife and my little girl.

All of a sudden we saw a girls on the other side of the road that pulled over with her car.
She was visibly scared of something, so we crossed the road.

She came to us; she was like red in the face, and she said: “Hey guys, are you afraid of spiders?” “Yes, I am, and my wife is terrified,” I said.

It happened that she had a spider in her car.

She was driving with a spider just above her head, so she pulled over and jumped outside the car. She was on the phone trying to contact someone to help her.

“I am”, I said, “I am scared”.

I have that fear, but I tried to help her. We couldn’t find that spider, so it ended up that she left with a spider in the car anyway.

But that fat made me think about the idea of fear. Being scared of something

So I started thinking of when we came here to Australia, about five years ago.

I have just married Sara that we came here.

We left Italy; we left that Country, you know, we left our jobs.

My wife was a graphic designer over there and is still a graphic designer over here.

She used to be paid probably 5 Euros per hour, which in Australian dollars would be something around seven bucks.

I was working with my family, in my family’s business in construction.

So we came here with literally no money, just a little bit of savings.

You know, I was 28 and my wife was 27. We didn’t know anyone here in Brisbane.

We just found this city to be a good place to leave online. We relied on what other people thoughts about this place.

So we left everything, and we were scared, you know, because at our age, around 30, you can’t really find a job if you go back to Italy, especially if you decide to stay for a little while, as we stayed for a year.
I was 29; then we stayed for another year.

If you go to Italy and you’re 30, there’s no way you can find a job. We really risked a lot; we risked all we had.

But what happened in those next five years? I started working as a barista because that was the only thing I could at the time.
My English wasn’t really good (it’s still not really good honestly but, it’s getting better).

My wife as well, she’s started working in a restaurant, but we were fighting against our fears.

We wouldn’t take any responsibility so there was no chance we could get a better job in our fields.

However, we were willing to. The desire to do something for ourselves, in our life, to be successful, was so strong that in just five years our lives really changed. Both our lives.

My wife moved away from that job. She fought her fears, and she found a job, and now she almost has a six-figure salary. Which is insane

And I started my business. I quit the job in the cafe because I wanted to start a business so bad. And so I did.

The first year was pretty awful. I didn’t make any money.
Can you imagine not making any money in a foreign country where you just have to rely on your wife?

It was pretty awful.

But she always supported me; she believed in me, and I believed in myself.

I really grew my self-belief. And I think that was the most important part of my life.

Again, in the first year, I literally almost didn’t make any money.

The second year the business grew by 600%.

And that happened because I fought. I won my fears.

I think, in business like in life, each one of us has just to find what our fears are, and face them. Just face them.

There is something that is holding us back, you know, and in most cases, it’s just in our heads. It’s not real.

I remember I was kind of scared to talk to people about my skills, about what I could do; because I thought no one would believe me, you know, you are a stranger, you’re not from here.

I fought against my fears and my life changed. Like magic, like nothing. It was literally just magic. I didn’t do anything different from before.

I just changed my mindset, and my wife did the same. So things just changed.

And they’re changing every day.

I’ve learnt that, once you decide for your life, you don’t let circumstances decide for your life you can really choose what is going to happen next in your life.

The stuff you do today will define your future for sure. That’s for sure. I’m not just saying this because, you know, I’ve read books or whatever. It’s because it’s my life; is what happened to my life and it’s happening every day, simply by changing my mindset.

I hope this is useful for you and can inspire you somehow to be a better person and just to go out there, to forget about your fears.
You can do it. You can do anything you want.

Good luck

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