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Email automation is completely different from sending out newsletters.
In fact, automatic emails are personalised and super relevant to the receiver because they are triggered by the user’s behaviour. Rather than 1-fit-all email, an email automation tool sends specific emails to a particular person when that individual meets one or more triggers.

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Step 1. Define your Prospects

Who do you want to attract? We’ll start by analysing people who have dealt with you in the past to have a clear idea of what we’re after.

The goal here is to define a buyer persona. We can start broad, then narrow down the target audience by gender, age, interests, location etc.

Once we know who we want to attract, we can move to the step 2 and start creating a Lead Magnet to get visitors to enter the email automation sequence. 

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Email automation service

Step 2. Creating a Lead Magnet

Giving value for free​ is always good. In every industry, there is who is looking for solutions to a problem and who offer those solutions.

We’ll find out what keeps your prospects awake in the night and offer them valuable content that might help.

By giving away free valuable stuff, not only your visitors feel encouraged to leave their emails, but they will also associate your brand with a positive feeling in their mind.

Email automation service

Step 3. Creating an Email Automation sequence

When someone is added to your email list, an automated email is triggered. Email automation is particularly useful to keep reminding your leads about you other than nurturing a relationship with automatic, yet personally-tailored messages.

Depending on factors like page visited, buttons clicked, time spent on site etc., they trigger a different email sequence.

Our job here is to foresee every possible path the user could undertake and reach out with email automation at the right time with the right content, making the user feel guided throughout a journey.

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Email automation service

Step 4. Segmenting your Subscribers

You know that every lead you collect is unique, therefore different from any other. Email automation takes advantage of AI to learn about your prospects and predict their behaviour. 

Segmentation and micro-segmentation allow you to subdivide a single list of subscribers into segments that have one or more aspects in common.

Email list segmentation enables to respond to user’s behaviours with highly-relevant messages, rather than generic emails. On average, email automation along with audience segmentation leads to a +203% email Open-Rate.

Why Email Automation?

Patrizio Racco
Patrizio Racco, November 16, 2018

Newsletters are one of those things I had enough.
They make me puff away every single time I look at my phone, that has an average of 1,926 unread emails.
They are just deleted all at once when I get the chance.

However, there are some of them that get opened on a daily basis.
And I’m sure you do the same.

So, why do we only open a few of them?
It’s simple; it’s because some emails are just more interesting than others.
In a word, relevant.

If I sign up for a free ebook, I expect that ebook to arrive within few seconds. If it takes longer, I might forget about it.

Furthermore, if the ebook is not particularly impressive, whoever wrote that piece of content would lose my attention.

In this case, the next email I get from that author will remain unopened, or worse, will make me unsubscribe.

Other reasons that make me unsubscribe are:

  • Sending emails too often
  • Sending emails too infrequently
  • Sending generic emails
  • Trying to sell me stuff all the time
  • Throwing me irrelevant content
  • and so on and so forth.

When it comes to nurturing, right time and relevance make all the difference.
And there’s nothing more potent than Email Automation for this job.

The magic of automated emails is made stronger by the behind AI that understands user’s behaviours and turns a generic newsletter into an occasion to make your potential client feel special.


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